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When someone has a large change in their wealth, you’ll find someone who’s much more inclined to revisit all aspects of their financial circumstances.” – Michael Rose

At the JORDAN LAW OFFICES, we work hard to preserve our clients’ assets. The how varies. The results are clear. You have worked hard to obtain what you have, you should be allowed to keep it.


You may be asking yourself “How is bankruptcy asset protection?” Simple, really. If you are reading this, you may be worried about creditors taking your “stuff” from you simply because you fell behind on your bills. We know you want to pay your bills, but you can’t for some reason. You are not a bad person, despite what the collection agencies are telling you.

We know you may be feeling guilty. Was losing your job, your fault? Did you cause the downturn in the housing market? Maybe you fell behind on your taxes. It happens. We will not judge you. [Learn more…]


Planning for your retirement and the eventual distribution of your estate takes many forms. You have worked hard to build up your wealth and you want to make sure your hard work pays off and is appreciated by loved ones. We work with our clients to create plans that will ensure a bountiful retirement and preserve their legacy. [Learn more…]


Probate is the court supervised administration of your estate. Probate typically takes 18 months to close and is often quite expensive. If you have small children and have not planned correctly, the court will decide where and with whom your children will live. Sometimes probate is useful. However, in most cases, probate can be avoided with proper planning. By taking the time to plan appropriately, you will save your estate thousands of dollars and months of delay. You will take control of your family’s future and the legacy you have built. [Learn more…]


Do you know anyone who is unable to take care of themselves any longer? Perhaps you have an aging relative suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s and they require around-the-clock care and you simply cannot do it and provide for your own family at the same time. Our population is getting older. For a variety of reasons, the elderly are vulnerable to the greed of not only their own family but also friends, neighbors, telemarketers and internet scammers. While California has some of the most progressive anti-elder abuse laws, once the money is gone, it is gone forever. [Learn more…]


We have a small town attorney feel. We practice with a big city attitude. We take the time to know our clients. We will not just sell you a service and treat you like everyone else. We will listen to you and work with you to obtain the results you want. We provide personalized legal services. We are here for you.

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