7 Feb

Stepping onto the stump…tree-stump-334643_640https://pixabay.com/en/tree-stump-water-beach-334643/

Here we are, Election day plus 2 and emotions are running high all over the country. I can proudly say that I voted, like I usually do, and that I didn’t vote for either of the mainstream candidates. The vote tally’s are in and the American people have made their choice. We must now all come together to make our country a better place.

It’s all over the internet that the supporters of the losing candidate are feeling upset, frustrated, fearful, depressed and are experiencing denial. No wonder! This recent campaign was mean, nasty and demeaning on both sides. But, this is not a commentary on the country’s current state of politics. Instead, I see a striking similarity between the emotional state of those on the left and my clients who seek financial recovery.

The clients I see on a daily basis have the same upset feelings, are frustrated with their financial condition, are fearful of the unknown, are depressed about the hole they are in and generally deny it’s their fault. Now, I am not one to Judge, but I feel it is my obligation to remove those negative feelings and get my clients looking forward to a brighter, debt-free future. That is what our great country’s bankruptcy laws allow all American’s to achieve.

In so many ways, my clients reflect the mood of the nation, left or right, and we all deserve the right to dig ourselves out, pick ourselves up and move on. Besides, if it worked for President-elect Trump’s various businesses, it will work for you.

Stepping of the stump now!

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